Terms & Conditions for SriLankan Holidays Online Bookings

1. General

1.1 All bookings on SriLankan Holidays are subject to these terms and conditions and any special conditions communicated by SriLankan Holidays from time to time.  The Passenger should contact SriLankan Holidays if any details require clarification. Before booking, SriLankan Holidays recommend that the Passenger reads these terms and conditions and contact SriLankan Holidays or a travel agent to check the most up to date information about the Package chosen. 

1.2 These terms and conditions apply equally to the Passenger and all persons named in the Passenger’s booking

2. Definitions

In these conditions –

(a) "Package" means the combination of at least two of the following three components published, offered, sold at an inclusive price by SriLankan Holidays:

  • Air transport
  • accommodation
  • other services not ancillary to the above (eg. car hire, transfers, excursions, tours, theatre tickets, attractions).

(b) "Package Price" means the price payable to SriLankan Holidays for the Package as published from time to time and only includes the items specified in the package description as communicated by SriLankan Holidays from time to time. Price includes all taxes and fees except tourism fee, city tax and resort fee.  It does not include items of a personal nature including but not limited to personal insurance, transport to and from airport at the commencement and conclusion of the Package, laundry, telephone charges, excess baggage, refreshments, meals unless specified, optional excursions, passport and visa fees, gratuitous or taxes unless otherwise specified.

(c) "Package Voucher" means the Package voucher(s)/coupon(s) issued by SriLankan Holidays which covers accommodation and/or other services specified therein.

(d) "Passenger" means a person who has purchased or intends to purchase a Package.

(e) "SriLankan Holidays" means SriLankan Airlines Limited, sometimes trading as “SriLankan Holidays”, its agents, representatives, directors and employees.

(f) “Air Ticket” means the passenger ticket and baggage check which cover the air transport component of the Package.

3. Bookings, Confirmation and Payment:

3.1 On payment of the full Package Price, the Passenger will be issued with the Air Ticket and/or Package Voucher for accommodation and/or other services.

3.2 All payments shall be made in the currency specified at the time of the booking. All payments shall be debited from the credit cards in a currency selected by the booking engine. Any cost of currency exchange shall be borne by the Passenger.

3.3 The Package Voucher and Air Ticket are valid only for the duration of the Package, non-transferable, non-routable and valid for use on the dates and at the establishments and for the services stated therein.

3.4 The Air Ticket and Package Voucher must be presented to obtain the relevant services. No air transportation, accommodation and/or services will be provided to a Passenger who does not present the air ticket and/or relevant Package Voucher

3.5 Accommodation is on a twin sharing basis unless otherwise specified and with or without meals and as specified in the Package. In regions where accommodation is not of international standards, the Passenger will be provided with the best possible accommodation available. In the event selected accommodation is not available, every effort will be made to provide alternative accommodation of a similar standard.

3.6 Hotel check-in/check-out times are fixed and there are no guarantees for early/late check-in/out unless paid for. 3.7 Should any change to the Package is needed the original Package is required to be cancelled and the cancellation policy notified to you at the time of purchasing the original package shall apply in such instances. A new Package is required to be purchased by the passengers according to new requirements.

4. Changes and Cancellations by SriLankan Holidays

  1. SriLankan Holidays reserves the right to make ad hoc changes to the Package or cancel the booking made by a Passenger or change the Package Price in the event of currency exchange fluctuations or the imposition of new taxes and fees or charges.
  2. In such event SriLankan Holidays shall inform the Passenger as soon as practicable.  In the event of cancellation, SriLankan Holidays shall at its discretion refund monies paid or offer the Passenger comparative alternative holiday for the booking so cancelled.  Where the Passenger does not accept any significant change, the Passenger may cancel the Package in which event the monies paid will be refunded.
  3. SriLankan Holidays shall have the right to cancel the booking made by a Passenger at any given time for whatsoever reasons. SriLankan Holidays shall endeavour to provide the notice of such cancellation according to the contact information provided by the Passenger. However, inability to provide such notice by SriLankan Holidays shall not curtail its rights hereunder to cancel the booking. Upon such cancellation, SriLankan Holiday’s only liability to the Passenger shall be to refund the payment made by the Passenger to SriLankan Holidays for the booking. Passenger hereby disclaims any right to claim any damages, loss and compensation from SriLankan Holidays for any direct or indirect losses arising as a result of the cancellation of the booking.

Cancellation by a passenger and refunds.

5.1 The “cancelation policy” notified at the time of purchasing a Package shall apply in the event the Package is cancelled by a passenger

5.2 A Passenger shall not do any changes to a reservation once he has received the Air Ticket and/or Package Voucher for accommodation and/or other services specified therein.

In the event a Passenger wishes to make any change to the Package Voucher including the Air Ticket, which has been confirmed, the Passenger shall have to cancel the existing reservation and proceed with making a fresh reservation as per the new requirement of the Passenger. The Passenger shall be charged separately for the fresh reservation while the reservation so cancelled by the Passenger shall be governed by the Cancellation Policy of SriLankan Holidays and the Passenger will be refunded the due amount as per the said Cancellation Policy. PASSENGER HEREBY DISCLAIMS ANY RIGHT TO CLAIM ANY DAMAGES, LOSS, COMPENSATION FROM SRILANKAN HOLIDAYS FOR ANY DIRECT OR INDIRECT LOSSESS ARISING AS A RESULT OF THE CANCELLATION OF THE CONFIRMED BOOKING

6. Passenger Responsibilities

6.1 It is recommended that a Passenger purchase a personal travel insurance policy prior to the commencement of the holiday under the Package.

6.2 The Passenger must possess a valid passport which is valid for at least six months and is responsible for obtaining visas, health or immunization certificates and other special competencies needed to participate in the services included in the Package booked, and for travel to and from the holiday destination. SriLankan Holidays shall not be responsible for any denial of entry into a country or region or denial to board an aircraft due to inadequate or irregular travel documents.

6.3 Its passenger’s liability to adhere to COVID19 guidelines in relevant countries https://www.srilankan.com/en_uk/coporate/emergency-news.

7. Limitation and Liability

7.1 SriLankan Holidays, its subsidiaries, affiliate companies, agent’s directors or employees shall not be liable or responsible for;

  1. Loss or damage arising out of any act or omission whatsoever or delay during the time the Passenger is not on board SriLankan Airlines’ aircraft and during the time before boarding or after disembarking;
  2. loss or damage suffered as a result of a variation, cancellation  or termination of the Package;
  3. the death of or injury to any person or loss or damage to any property, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any service provider or by "Force Majeure", or other events beyond SriLankan Holidays’ control including, but not limited to war, civil disturbance, pilferage, delays, severe weather, Acts of God, Acts of Government, accidents to or failure to machinery, equipment, vehicles or industrial disputes;
  4. Quality or conditions of the services provided to the Passenger in connection with the package;
  5. For any direct, indirect, consequential liability arising as a result of failure to provide services in terms of Package.

7.2 SriLankan Holidays shall not be responsible for any claim, loss, damage arising as a result of any damage, loss or injury caused by the passenger to any property or belongings of a hotel or transport service provider or any personnel involved in providing services to the passenger.

7.3 SriLankan Holidays may not itself be a provider of air transport, accommodation or services, nor does it control third parties who provide such services in connection with the Package. All bookings are accepted and all arrangements are made by SriLankan Holidays subject to:

  1. conditions imposed from time to time by providers of air transport, accommodation and other services connected with a booking and such conditions will apply to SriLankan Holidays as if they were incorporated into these Conditions, and
  2. Any law, direction or order imposed from time to time by any competent authority.

8. Complaints and Claims

Any complaints arising out of the Package must be made in writing by the Passenger within 30 days from the date of return. SriLankan Holidays is not responsible to entertain any complaints which are made after 30 days of return.